-21st Sun of the 2nd Astral Moon

Where to begin.

This last moon has been spent chasing Reppu and Eyshn across Dravania again and it felt exactly the same as it did before

Let me start at the beginning of this clusterfuck.

Reppu has always been sharing a body with her mother Rika for as long as I can remember. Something earlier this moon triggered or broke something that was keeping Rika’s influence dormant.

Rika possessed Reppu’s body, forced her to act as she wanted. She enthralled Eyshn as well, and the pair of them escaped the Estate via the power of Rika’s stone. Rika planned to destroy the Echo by reuniting the fragments of her soul. She’d split it to pieces previously to futilely try and rid herself of the Echo. Reppu was one such fragment – She of Wind.

Reppu means wind in Doman, apparently.

Reppu herself was her own individual due to the presence of her dragon-father’s influence. Rai…something. I can’t spell his name. The other fragments were not so lucky in their existence. The three that we encountered had base personalities, each one aspect of Rika’s fragmented mind.

We were opposed at every turn. Our allies turned against us. But, we are back. We are home. We are safe.

Reppu is safe.

Only she is not Reppu. Not right now. In removing Rika’s soul from Reppu’s body, we have also taken her own. Instead of the playful, bubbly Au Ra that I lov we love, we have an emotionless husk. We can restore her, it seems, but that requires trusting Ki’lari, something I am never comfortable with.

And what do we get for all this? What will I see at the end? Reppu clinging to Leanne and sobbing? The girl who almost killed her in her frenzy to have her freed? I dropped a primal on them, but I had faith that Rika would not allow herself to  I suppose I can’t speak. I endangered her life just as much myself, but I believe I had no other choice. Leanne’s dragon had a choice and she still used him as a weapon.

It’s time to be bitter for another year, I suppose. I’ll do what I can to help her. For her, even if I won’t ever receive anything for the efforts I make. It’s the least I can do for her, after what she did for me.


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