-23rd Sun of the 3rd Astral Moon

Gods, writing out the full date is a pain in the arse and I’m not even writing out the era. I suppose I imagine this book will be full by such a time and I can place a nice shiny plaque on the front.

It’s amazing how quickly things can turn around. I look back on previous entries and smile at how much better I now feel. Occasionally, I do slip into a mood. Perhaps a night or two of unhappiness over something daft, but I have the best company in the world to pry me from that dark abyss.

Zho’s around a lot more often now, so I can almost always count on having a soft, warm embrace waiting for me at the end of the day that I can cuddle up against and sleep in the arms of. And if not, then Sarnai provides much the same, if not as warm, and perhaps several times as lewd.

I was once concerned for how the conflict between Zho and Sarnai would pan out, but both sides seem amicable to each other, and neither particularly mind the situation that I caused. Thank Thal, really. It could’ve been disastrous.

The two strike a nice balance. Zho is the calm, the affection, and the cuddles; and Sarnai is the passion and the lewdness. Not to say that they don’t each cross over from time to time, but there is definitely a balance of note.


As far as the Free Company and such go, we have several new faces, most of which have been amicable. Our best is Karmil, an adorable, silly Seeker. She’s joined us as a navigator, taking over Leanne’s position–whom I shall get to later–aboard the Raven. She’s also shown an aptitude for machinistry. I believe I have found myself an apprentice. Perhaps one to carry my soulstone once I have completed it.

Next is U’ari. She’s interesting. An U huntress. I’m not too sure how to feel about her just yet. She’s eager to get to know me specifically. I’m feeling like U’xi may have intrigued her.

Tseren was a bitch our physician. She quit after Reppu told her to fuck off. She had an awful temper. Good riddance, really.


The situation with Leanne has somewhat improved. We sat down a few sennights ago and just talked. We’re a little more amicable now, I suppose. We’ll see how long it lasts. Might be a while. Depends how long she keeps pandering to my boob ego.


Still haven’t seen Eyshn since she said she’d visit. What a grump.


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