– 19th Sun of the 6th Umbral Moon

Wallowing in my loneliness will get me nowhere. Happiness won’t come and find me if I don’t make an effort to change the way things are. I left Winds because I needed to, and now I will find a place, because I need to.

Or make one.

Eyshn was right, as she often is. She said to me that I needed to find a passion. I told her I had many, and none were viable to keep me happy, but I was wrong, as I often am. Just because what I do with my talents now does not satisfy me does not mean that I can’t find a way to employ them which does.

To my knowledge, I still stand as one of the most experienced Eorzeans when it comes to dealing with machina and magitek of all kinds. Others may have more specialised experiences, but I would wager that few can claim a wider field of expertise than myself.

We have seen a surge in the number of mechanical threats in recent years. Not only do the Garleans threaten us daily with their warmachina, ancient relics of Allag yet remain, and now it would seem that Primals themselves are capable of fashioning some manner of machina.

Yet, still, we face even more than that. While foreign forgekin and machina threaten us, few look within our own borders, to the goblins or the kobolds, or even some of the ancient constructs of the Mhachi and Amdapori.

And our solution to all of these thus far? Throw men at them until they cease moving. Throw lives at machines that could be overcome with far cleaner methods if we had but the understanding, the insight into their cogwork.

I have been considering tutoring a class at Higura’s University for some time. It would seem that has either not yet, or will not, come to fruition at all, judging by her complete lack of response save ‘I’ll get back to you’. As if I had not heard that tens upon tens of times before.

Yet while that avenue may be closed to me, others remain. My renewed contract with the Immortal Flames could yet buy me some influence. Surely they would not offer a contract to one they believed lacking in their field, and surely they would listen to the advice of one so readily trusted. Especially in the field of combating Imperial (and other) threats.

I always find myself concerned when I have these kinds of ideas, but the worst that could happen is that I am denied. Why not try, after all?


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